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Patios and Decking

Patios and decking, over time, lose their stunning looks when the dirt, dust, lichen and moss work their way onto your beautiful investment. In the wet, the surface becomes dangerous and slippery as a result of the moss and algae growth thriving on the paving slab.

By using a high-pressure jet wash and with no harmful chemicals, the beauty of the surface is revealed back to its former glory in an eco friendly way.

Black Spot Removal

Some surfaces can become prone to black spot, a lichen that grows into the substrate especially in shaded and north facing locations.

This cannot be removed by pressure washing alone. We therefore offer a chemical cleaning service to accompany the pressure cleaning, which actively removes the blackspot, lichen and brings back the surface to the just laid look.

At The Window Cleaning Company, we like to see things looking their best, so we can provide a cleaning service to bring out the best in your patio, decking or driveway.

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